Lighting is just as important to designing a beautiful home as selecting the appropriate furnishings and color schemes. High-end furnishings, architectural details, and vibrant colors should all be emphasized by lighting. The same illumination improves your daily life by elevating your mood and assisting you in completing significant activities. Employ a specialist to maximize the design and control of your lighting for an opulent way of life at home.

1,700 K

Red lighting reminiscent of a match flame offers a calming effect in the evening.

1,850 K

Craft the perfect date night light with romantic candlelit or sunset hues.

2,700 - 3,300 K

Elevate warm interior colors and wood finishes with warm, soft white lighting.

3,000 K

Facilitate relaxation with neutral white lighting while reading in the family room.

4,100 - 4,150 K

Stay focused on tasks in workspaces or kitchens with cool, white lighting.

5,000 K

Employ crisp-white daylight hues to highlight artwork and bolster security.

5,500 - 6,000 K

Enjoy vertical daylight hues in the afternoon to stimulate your mood and décor.

6,200 K

Blue-white light mimics natural sunlight and delivers bright, energizing illumination.

6,500 K

Deliver lighting in main living areas with hues reminiscent of overcast skies.

6,500 - 10,500 K

Turn to blue hues for hyper-focused task lighting in your primary workspaces.

15,000 - 27,000 K

Reserve clear blue lighting for activities that require ample energy or focus

1,700 K

Red lighting reminiscent of a match flame offers a calming effect in the evening.


If you’ve always relied on electrical engineers and interior designers to take care of your lighting needs, hiring an independent lighting designer could seem like a strange choice. However, lighting becomes an afterthought in your home when you delegate it to others. An expert in technical, scientific, and artistic domains, a lighting designer provides customized solutions for their clientele.


A one-tone lighting scheme puts you at risk for strained eyesight, intrusive shadows, and inflexible spaces. Use job, ambient, and accent lighting to create a visually pleasing and adaptable area.


Soft lighting from pendants, recessed ceiling lights, or natural sunshine should fill the entire space.


Dedicated desk, under-cabinet, or pendant lights provide intense, focused illumination for particular tasks.


Use lighting that is three times brighter than ambient fixtures to draw attention to architectural details, photographs, and artwork.


Maintain your weekday routine with a “Daytime” lighting scenario that turns on every day at nine in the morning. Bright white-blue ambient lighting and desk lighting welcome you to your home office, encouraging maximum attention and concentration.

Prepare for rejuvenating sleep at the end of the day with a “Bedtime” lighting setting that you may turn on with a tablet or bedside remote. The lights not only progressively go darker, but they also change to a soothing orange color that promotes relaxation.

Prepare for rejuvenating sleep at the end of the day with a “Bedtime” lighting setting that you may turn on with a tablet or bedside remote. The lights not only progressively go darker, but they also change to a soothing orange color that promotes relaxation.

Use your handheld remote or touchpad to program a “Movie Night” lighting scenario that will switch on floor track lighting for safe movement throughout the film and lower the recessed lights and beautiful sconces to create the ideal viewing environment in your theater.


Instead of depending just on canned ceiling lighting, you should use a variety of lighting fixtures around your room to achieve an effective layered lighting design. Our designers assure even, layered lighting that not only facilitates all of your daily tasks but also adds depth and beauty to your house with a combination of exquisite pendants, downlights, and track lights. Examine how each model contributes to improving your room as a whole.



Downlights are primarily used for ambient lighting, though they’re also used for task or accent lighting in some applications. Recessed or flush mounted in the ceiling, they’re available in round or square trims to match your décor.



Pendant lights available in a wide range of colors and finishes add a spark to your décor while supporting ambient or task lighting needs. Transform your interior design through elegant fixtures hanging from the ceiling or within a track light system.



Replace outdated lighting fixtures seamlessly with retrofit downlights featuring low-profile designs that fit into most standard recessed housing. Select from our collection of high-end tunable LED fixtures available in round or square trims.


The key to realizing the full potential of your lighting design is effortless control. With a lighting control system, you can effortlessly adjust the various fixtures in your house to create lovely layering while keeping everything seeming consistent. Benefit from a centralized approach to lighting, which not only produces a streamlined installation for a lovely, clutter-free area but also intuitive, customized control from your preferred devices.


Expensive lighting control systems come with customizable interfaces that can be accessed through mobile apps or dedicated touchpads. Simple graphic panels that display the current state of each room’s lights and allow you to make adjustments with a single button press are a great way to approach lighting. Fixtures can have their intensity, hue, and color temperature adjusted individually or collectively. You can then save your preferred configurations and quickly access them at any time.


Your lighting control system’s processor, which enables communication between fixtures and control devices, is its brains. A powerful CPU guarantees lag-free, crystal-clear communication. Effective communication ensures that, regardless of the source, you receive a prompt and precise response as soon as you input a command. Based on its bandwidth and processing power, our lighting experts identify the model that best suits your demands during the early design phase.


A professional lighting control system is distinguished by its centralized dimmer panel control. These hidden remote panels are mounted in a utility closet or equipment room and handle all dimming and control functions. Dimmer panels can regulate fans and motors and avoid the need for power boosters. They also lower the amount of wiring infrastructure, simplify individual room wall clutter, and enable more advanced programming functions.


Use sophisticated dimmers and switches with intricate commands and scenarios to further reduce wall acne. To simplify your décor, these opulent keypads can be used in place of banks of switches and dimmers. Enhance your convenience level with keypads that provide you with rapid access to scenes, let you to control the lights around your home, and combine switch and dimmer control into one housing. Examine models that complement any décor with flush-mounted options that come in a variety of colors and have matte, metal, or glass finishes.


Put expert lighting design and control in your house to add a new dimension of elegance to your daily life. Our lighting specialists provide unparalleled quality and white-glove service from design to installation.